Photos: Lasse Jensen
Text: Lars Andersen

In the first weekend of September 2017 around 40 Tokushinryu Kobudoka from dojos in Romania, Germany, Sweden and Denmark gathered in Nakskov Denmark for a three day training camp.

The gasshaku was arranged by Lasse Jensen Sensei and Dorthe Jensen Sensei from the host dojo, Nakskov Tokushinryu Kobudo Shibu. Instructors at the camp were Mads Nørby Sensei, Per Sørensen Sensei and the author.

Here follows an overview of the camp;

Friday: combinations from the bo kihongata and sai kakewaza(hooking techniques).


Tokumura Cup and Kihongata Cup

Tokumura Cup results:

1st: Roman Pavalatii Sensei, Torakai Romania, 2nd: Diego Rodriguez Sensei, Seishin Kan Sweden,
3rd : Martin Frederiksen Sensei, Honbu Dojo Denmark.

Kihongata Cup results:

1st: Carsten Müller, Bosatsu Valby, 2nd: Katrine Nellemann, Nakskov Tokushinryu Kobudo Shibu, 3rd: Tobias Møller, Holstebro Tokushinryu Kobudo Shibu.




Claus Mølgaard San from Honbu Dojo Denmark was tested for shodan during the Gasshaku. Claus has trained Kobudo for 10 years and joined the Tokushinryu Kobudo Instructor Course in 2012.

                                         Claus Mølgaard San


Here are some impressions from the Gasshaku!