Photos by Lasse Jensen

Tokushinryu practioners and instructors from Denmark, Germany,  Romania and Sweden joined the Gasshuku for three days of intensive training. 

The gasshuku was hosted by Lasse Jensen Sensei & Dorthe Jensen Sensei from Nakskov Tokushinryu Shibu.

The instructors at the gasshuku were  Mads Nørby Sensei, Jan Overgaard Sensei, Andreas Mischke Sensei, Bodo Hass Sensei, Tonni Christian Sensei and the author. 

The event actually started a day before the gasshuku with the Tokumura Cup. To read more about this please follow this link Tokumura Cup 2021 .

Following topics were taught:


bo, sai and tonfa kihon by the author.


Tekko from a Goju-ryu perspective – Bodo Hass Sensei.

Tokushin no Bo – Jan Overgaard Sensei.

Tonfa concepts – Andreas Mischke Sensei.

Kyan no Sai – Tonni Christian Petersen Sensei. 


How to generate power and fludity in long weapons – Mads Nørby Sensei.

The different mindsets between sai bunkai and kama bunkai – the author.

A grading was conducted and the below mentioned kobudoka passed their tests to following ranks:

Jan Overgard – yondan

Bodo Hass – sandan

Franz Rasmussen – shodan

Heinz Tessner – shodan

Alexander Dyreborg – ikkyu

Carsten Knudsen – ikkyu

From left to right: Jan Overgaard, Alexander Dyreborg, Franz Rasmussen, the author, Mads Nørby, Carsten Knudsen, Bodo Hass & Heinz Tessner

Impressions from the three days of training: