Photo courtesy: Lasse Jensen

The 3rd Tokumura Cup was held in Nakskov, Denmark on the 31st of August.  Competitors representing  Tokushinryu Kobudo Europe dojos  from Romania, Germany and Denmark competed at the event.

In the first round the competitors had to use a long weapon and could choose between: bo(long staff), eku(oar), yari(spear), nuntibo(fisherman’s gaffe),  gusan(walking stick) and sansetsukon(three sectional staff).


In the second round the competitors had to demonstrate a short weapon and could chose between sai(prong shaped metal baton), tonfa(side handle baton), kama(sickle), tekko(brass knuckle), tichu(hair pin), nuntisai(prong shaped metal baton) and tinbe rochin(buckle and short spear).

In the next rounds the competitors could freely choose from the kata list.

This year’s 1st place went to Andreas Miscke from Joshinkan Werder – Germany, the 2nd place went to Sven Miscke from Joshinkan Werser – Germany,  the 3rd place went to Bodo Hass from Tokushinryu Kobudo Shibu, Hamburg – Germany.