By Nikolaj Fænø Skarbye d. 14.12.12

In the Autumn of 2011, i taught a Kyusho introductionary seminar for Ringsted Karate Club at Michael Remontiussen, stemming from a debate on karatenews in regards to if you should believe all the Kyusho Videos on youtube, or you should join in on the seminar to experience and feel it on your own body. With 23 happy and satisfied participants and a nice article in the local paper, the seminar was indeed a success. It was here I met Jan Dam from Genten Karate Jutsu and a friendship and future trainings passes had begun…

After the seminar, i was contacted by Jan and we talked about the opportunities to learn Kyusho and how we would do it best. It was decided that we in 2012 should run an intensive program with 6 close-door seminar of 4 hours each, across 2012, and between the session there should be follow ups and preperations upon the topic and principles from the closed seminars. The closed seminars were planned for the 6 instructors of Genten Karate Jutsu, Jan Dam, Christoffer Røndbjerg, Jakob Skoubo, Kim Blankensteiner, Lars Berstrøm og Daniel Christoffersen. The point of the seminar was to certify them through the curriculum and structure of Kyusho Denmark and the first year we would go through the material from Level 1-Level 5; Arms, Head, Body, Legs and Joints.

Jan Dam have had previous experience and practice in nervepoints and Kyusho, and have taught his own students his way of kyusho along with their regulair training. Therefor it was a nice way to do this, where everyone beneficed from the trainings and some stuff we could pass very quickly, since Jans’ people are very advanced in some areas.

As Genten Karate Jutsu is associate with the Athletic Police Assosication, there where made an article for their magazine; Policeidræt. You can read the article here:
Article in the magazine Politiidræt

The training was split, so that each seminar was dedicated a level, and one would be able to engage and work very specific with the topic, and with the last and 6th training as a follow up, test, and certification. If there were any skeptics before, weather Kyusho has its place in martialart, they have indeed become wiser.

In november 2012 was the seminars terminated with flying collars and all passed their Level 5 in Kyusho Denmark. It was agreed upon to continue this education next year with a closed advanced team, and also start up some of the new instructors in 2013. The trainings will expand so there will be 6 closed seminars for the Instructors of Genten Karate Jutsu, and then 11 open seminars for all who are interested in either learning Kyusho and training it regularely or merely those who are curious.

The dates, location and participation can be found at:
Or the facebookgroup for Kyusho in Gentofte:!/groups/572761682749239/?fref=ts, where you can ask questions and receive important information and when the next training is.

Beside the studygroup in Gentofte, there are also one In Solrød, so if you engage or have trouble with the logistics, it is possible to train up to 2 times a month. Kyusho is very painfull and often leave bruises and stains a couple of days after – therefor it is not intended to be practiced, neither daily nor weakly. It is recommended to train at the highest 2-3 times a month at a time.

Here is a small video from one of the trainings that show the potential effect of a Kyusho attack.

From left to right: Kim, Lars, Christoffer, Jakob, Daniel, Jan og Nikolaj

Nikolaj F. Skarbye