To participate in the competition to win the book “Shotokan Kata up to black belt” you must post a comment at the bottom of what kata means for your karate training.

The competition closes on  October 1 after which the winners will be announced on this page. The winners will also be notified directly.

2 books “Shotokan Kata – up to black belts”

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“Shotokan Kata up to black belt”

Who has not been through this? You learn a kata, you practice it a few times, and then put it aside. And so it often happens that, in the middle of performing the kata, the karateka is not sure of the sequence and no longer knows how to continue the kata. 
”If only I could find some place to look it up,” he thinks, ”I’d soon master the whole sequence.” 
This book is meant to be that desired reference book. 
Content: Taikyoku shodan, Heian shodan, Heian 
nidan, Heian sandan, Heian yondan, Heian godan, 
Tekki shodan, Bassai dai, Empi, Jion, Hangetsu, 
Kankû dai.

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