The first World Cup in Kobudo was held in Malta. The World Cup was sanctioned by the World United Karatedo Federation WUKF. The event was arranged by WUKF President Mr. Liviu Crisan and WUKF Public Relations Officer Mr. Chris Galea.

The competition was divided in to different weapons; bo, eku, sai, tonfa and nunchaku.

The WUKF organization had assured a high level of competion by letting the tatamis being run by top Kobudo referees such as Kiyoshi Nishime Sensei, Yukio Kuniyoshi Sensei, Jo Mirza Sensei and Valeriy Kusiy Sensei!

A number of different Karate and Kobudo styles were represented at the tournament: Yamani-ryu, Matayoshi, Ryukonkai, Ryuei-ryu, Shuri-ryu, Isshinryu and Ryukyu Kobudo.

Line up for the female Bo Kata finals

Mr. Ramathas from England took third place with Isshinryu Chatan Yara no Sai

A strong Matayoshi bo kata performance


Yamaniryu Sai kata

The team from the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU USA) brough a very strong team. It was clear that the Americans have a long tradition for traditional Kobudo. The teams from England, Russia and Slovakia also brought strong Kobudo competitors.

The WUKF leadership has planned to continue the Kobudo competion by having a yearly Kobudo World Championships, World Cup and a yearly European Championships.

The results of the Kobudo divisions will be added later.