Tokushinryu Kobudo Seminar with Jan Grube Hvitfeld Sensei in Hamburg

At the weekend of January 19th-20th 2019 the Tokushinryu Kobudo Shibu Hamburg had invinted for an open Seminar with Sensei Jan Grube Hvitfeld from Kopenhagen. Sensei Jan is graded Yondan in Goju-Ryu (IOGKF) and Sandan in Tokushinryu Kobudo.

Around 20 participants, mostly from Tokushinryu, but with some guests from Goju-Ryu and Kenjutsu worked very concentrated at the whole weekend with the Kobudo weapons Bo, Sai and Tonfa.
Content of the seminar was the powergeneration in Kobudo, Goju-Ryu and the transfer between both martial arts.

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The seminar was filled with a lot off very basic stuff, which wasn’t so basic at the second look. Additionally exercises without weapons or with the hojo undo equipment (power generating training in (Goju-Ryu) Karate) completed the training.
So, after the weekend, everyone had a lot of things to carry home and to work further on.
A big thank you to Sensei Jan and all participants for making this event possible. A continuation is planned.

Bodo Haß
Tokushinryu Shibu Hamburg Leader