Photos by Mikkel Jäger and Lasse Jensen

Text by Lars Andersen

The very first Tokumura Cup in Tokushinryu Kobudo was held on 19th of August 2016. Competitors from five Danish dojos and one German dojo attended the tournament.

The competitors were divided into two different divsions: colored belts and black and brown belts.

In the colored belts division the participants competed in kihon kata. The bo(staff) kihon was mandatory in the first round. In the second round the competitors could choose between 8 different weapons.

In the brown/black belt division the competitors could choose between Tokushin no Eku and Tokumine no Kun in the first round and Tokushin no Tichu and Tokushin no Tekko in the second round. Those who went in to the two final rounds could pick freely from any kata and weapon in the Tokushinryu Kobudo system.



Kihon kata: no. 3: Michael Guddat/Hamburg Shibu & Carsten Müller/Valby Shibo, no. 2: Andreas Strauss/Nakskov Shibu and no. 1: Benjamin Møller/Holstebro Shibu.



Kata: no. 3: Lasse Jensen/Nakskov Shibu, no. 2: Kenneth Jørgensen/Cph Honbu and no. 1: Martin Frederiksen/Cph Honbu.

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The weekend after Tokumura Cup a two day Gasshuku was held in Nakskov arranged by Dorthe Jensen Sensei and Lasse Jensen Sensei.

Instructors at the camp were:

Jan Overgaard Sensei, Cph Honbu

Martin Frederiksen Sensei, Cph Honbu

Per Sørensen Sensei, Tokushinryu Kobudo Nordjylland

and the author.

The focus during this camp was mainly the bo staff but the classes were also held in tonfa and tichu.

Kyu and dan promotions at the Nakskov Gasshuku.
6th kyu:
Matthias Brinkmann, Hamburg Shibu
5th kyu:
Michael Guddat, Hamburg Shibu
Peter Ekebjærg, Cph Honbu
Martin Kaiser, Valby Shibu
Alexander Daugbjerg, Dragør Shibu
4th kyu:
Dennie Due, Nakskov Shibu
3rd kyu:
Michael Daugbjerg, Dragør Shibu
1st kyu:
Tonni Christian Petersen, Cph Honbu
Dorthe Jensen, Nakskov Shibu
Lasse Wiberg Sensei, Dragør Shibu
Tokushinryu Kobudo Europe hopes to bring in Tokumura Kensho Sensei from Okinawa, Japan for next year’s Nakskov Tokushinryu Kobudo Gasshuku.