The founder

JA Karate has been developed and founded by Jorgen Albrechtsen. He is a 5th dan black belt in Kyokushinkai karate, has been a referee twice at the world championships and ran the largest karate school in the world.

New creation

Over the last 10 years and after many requests he used his 30 year’s experience to create a new, exciting and vibrant karate system entirely different from anything else you will find anywhere.


JA Karate is a simplified form of karate without spending years training with katas (forms) that have no real relevance and without a lot of basic training where many movements are not really applicable. This also means that you will be able to attain the various grades in much shorter time.


In JA Karate we do not use kimonos (karate gi) or belts as these are very impractical and somewhat outdated. Instead we use shirts where the color indicates the grade. The shirts are worn during sessions but can also be worn in everyday life. 

Training Hours & Grades

For most people it takes 20-25 hours of training (one hour twice weekly) to advance from one grade to the next. The grades are: White (beginner) Yellow Orange Green Blue Brown Black. 

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